Club Mahindra Membership Reviews

Club Mahindra Membership Reviews

Club Mahindra membership reviews mentioned below have come straight from the members heart. Know how members are enjoying their family vacation & bonding over the family holidays like never before with Club Mahindra resorts.

Read the Club Mahindra membership reviews mentioned below & decide for yourself whether it’s worth investing:

“Initially, I was very skeptical about buying the Club Mahindra membership but after hearing a lot about this from the peers & reading the Club Mahindra reviews, I decided to buy it. And to be honest it is one of the best decision I have ever made for my family. I have bought a purple membership as you can visit anytime of the year with your family with this. However, if you are not a frequent traveller & go on a vacation with your family only on holidays, I would suggest you guys to buy any one of the remaining 3 as per your requirement. I have visited 10 Club Mahindra resorts till now & my personal experience has been amazing & even my family loved each and every vacation we spent at the resorts. Resorts offered by Club Mahindra are pretty nice. Since they are situated away from the hustle & bustle of the city you can enjoy a relaxing family holiday. We got a feeling of “home away from home” while we were vacationing at these resorts. The resort rooms are pretty decent & comfortable enough. However, if you want to book a room of your choice you have to do it well in advance. The resort staff is very friendly. They are very kind & help you with everything. They even helped us plan our itinerary at each destination. Even though the food offered by the resort is a bit costly, it is delicious. You get to relish on popular local food. When we were vacationing at Club Mahindra Ashtamudi resort, the chef had even prepared separate soft baby food for my 3-year toddler. We had also visited Club Mahindra Munnar resort during Diwali. We got to relish all the popular Diwali dishes at the resort itself & we had great fun at the resort. We were happy that we got to celebrate this festival even when we were away vacationing. The resort staff also arrange different cultural events & workshops in the evenings. When I had recently visited Jaipur with my family, the resort staff had organized folk dance & music in the evening. Also, my kid was very happy to learn some moves from the staff of Club Mahindra.

Overall, we had a fun family experience at each resort of Club Mahindra. I would personally say it’s definitely worth it to buy the Club Mahindra membership”.

– RituD135

(Source – TripAdvisor)

“HI Friends,

Club Mahindra membership is the best!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a newly married and my in-laws gifted me and my wife a Club Mahindra vouchers where we had 7days to holiday in any of their 50 resorts. Since my wife loves Kerala, we chose to go there. We went to their Alleppey resort(Ramada). That resort was so beautiful and had such scenic beauty. We could see the backwaters form the resort and it was so calming. The Resort staff gave us a very warm welcome since it was our holiday moon and made beautiful towel art for us. We were so happy to see this surprise.

We were so thankful to our parents for sparing some of their holidays and giving it to us. After that trip, we decided to enroll for the Club Mahindra membership. Since then we have visited Madikeri, Corbett, and Dharamshala. The views from the resort are amazing. The membership allows you to switch from different memberships. But, according to me, it is definitely worth it. They have destinations abroad as well. The most important thing that we loved was the beauty of their resorts”.

– HarshS102

(Source – TripAdvisor)

“Yes ! Worth investing for one of the finest location resorts for peaceful family holiday”.

– kisholaysharma

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“I’m a Club Mahindra member since last 3 years. Have taken the membership immediately after marriage and have visited 5 properties till now.

I think it is the best decision we have taken.

Even my family/friends who have visited with us are really happy with the experience and our decision to invest in the membership”.

– luv_tans

(Source – TripAdvisor)

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